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Tickets - Budapest, Obudai Island

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Donnerstag, den
10. August 2023 06:00 Uhr
Mittwoch, den
16. August 2023 12:00 Uhr
ab 206,25 EUR
Obudai Island
1033 Budapest
Um auf das Gelände des Caravan Campings zu gelangen benötigt ihr ein Caravan Camping Ticket pro Person UND ein Caravan Area Ticket für den Caravan je nach Größe

Size: Small 7 x 4,5 m

Camping details:

Closed camping area at the Eastern part of the Island - check map below
Toilets and free shower for the community of Caravan Camping
Only caravans and campervans are permitted to enter and stay in Caravan Camping! Station wagons with folded down back-seats or microbuses with laid down mattresses are not accepted
Electricity is available (please prepare with a 50 meters extension wire)
Water for filling up tanks are available at the showers
Dedicated waste disposal point at Caravan Camping
Camping services at the reception (included in the price):

24h reception with English speaking hosts
Wi-Fi hotspot at camping reception
Ticket guide:

You can only enter the upgrade camping area with a valid Sziget entry ticket
Camping upgrade tickets are valid for 6 days of the festival (or up to 8 days with a moving-in ticket)
Camping upgrade tickets are also valid with the moving-in ticket (should be purchased based on person)
Caravan Camping ticket should be purchased per person
Caravan area ticket must be purchased for the Caravan based on the size you need: Small (7 x 4,5 m), Medium (10 x 7 m) and Giant (12 x 9 m) are available
Camping rules:

Pulling vehicle has to park in a dedicated parking lot
Tent extensions of the caravans are allowed (on the area you booked nect to your Camping ticket), but separate tents cannot be built in the Caravan Camping
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Zelte und Behausungen - Caravan Area Ticket - Kleiner Bereich
Zelte und Behausungen - Caravan Area Ticket - Kleiner Bereich
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